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Challenge Coin
For orders contact;
Capt. Jorge Leon Hallanadale 
 100% of the proceeds will go to the family. $20 per coin but if shipping required $23.50 (3.50 for shipping costs)

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IAFF General President Schaitberger at the FPF convention.  

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Mental Health Awareness


Greater recognition of suicide within the fire service and the realization that suicide is, indeed, a problem, helps start the discussion of what can be done to prevent the continuing alarming number of firefighters who die by suicide. If you feel that you might have a problem or you are unsure, please click on the questionaire at the bottom and answer these questions.




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Help Line Contacts

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Jimmy Dillon sticker $2 each.  Limited supply. 

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Body SCAN / Cancer Support Network


 For info on incidence of cancer in the fire service, please contact Keith Tyson from the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.  He is a wealth of knowledge about the risks and dangers of cancer in the fire service. He is a cancer survivor himself and a retired Metro Dade Firefighter. His phone number is 786-351-3276 his email is KTyson@fcsn.net.

As I explained the bodyscan process has 2 parts, the scans and a consult with our Board Certified Family Physician. The cost for the scan portion is $650 and the consult is $150. Attached is a powerpoint presentation that explains the scans and some info on cancer and radiation.  I don't have an exact figure but off the top of my head I know we have detected Lung, thyroid and even male breast cancer on the Palm Beach County Fire Rescue members that we have scanned.  We have also had many incidental findings of Leukemia, Gall stones, Kidney stones, Aortic Aneurysms and Coronary Artery Plaque to name a few.  Palm Beach County has scanned roughly 900 men, women and spouses in the last 7 years. Please check out the information at your leisure and myself or
Dr. McRonald would be more than happy to meet with you or anyone at the department that would like more information.

You can reach me at this email or on my cell at 561-670-5359 if you have any questions.

Yours in Health;

Amado Lopez



5917 South Congress Avenue

Atlantis, FL 33462

Phone 561-966-3393     Fax 561-966-9793

* High Field MRI * CT Scans * Ultrasounds * Bodyscans*


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The dangers in the job of a Firefighter goes beyond what we can see.





Cancer is one of the biggest hazards Firefighters face.




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Station Logos and T-Shirt Designs


Station 19 70Station 84             100logo.jpg

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Miramar PD and Pines Fire/PD live radio traffic

Listen to Live Radio

Listen to Miramar PD/Pembroke Pines Fire and PD as it happens LIVE. Click on the scanner and then on the Listen button.



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Next Regular Union Meeting


Union meetings are held

   Every 2nd Thursday of the month @ 7:30 PM


Upcoming Meetings - Check the Calendar for dates and details


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